Better Sex Tonight . . .

<— Ever seen this Window’s phone commercial? It is extremely entertaining, and disturbingly accurate. I was at lunch the last month with a friend of mine and she shared that a recent news’ story had reported that people spend an average of 8 hours a day on Facebook. Did you know they actually have websites on how to “quit” Facebook?! About  a week later, as I was guilty of texting, reading emails, and Facebooking during Survivor, my husband rolled his eyes and did his “huff”. I realized what I was doing and put my phone down … not for long, but I did put it down. This got me to thinking: What’s a sure way to “kill the mood” or at the same time, a sure way to “enhance the mood”?

That was easy – turn off the screens, this means your iPads, cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, game systems, and even your TV. Wow! What’s left? Each other. I decided to put this to the test, when my husband got home a few nights ago, I put away my iPad, closed up my laptop, and actually powered down my phone (not just vibrate). I didn’t want to be tempted to check in on anything, and even caught myself a few times reaching for the phone, only to remember it was turned off. The TV was on, we were snuggled up as a family watching a show with the kids. Now granted, the show were watching wasn’t great (it was pretty awful in fact) so the temptation to get “online” was so much more powerful – BUT the kids really enjoyed the time together, and later I could tell my husband was appreciative of the undivided attention.

In January 2011, Dr. Ruth participated in a New Year’s episode of The Doctors in which they shared 40 Ways to Better Sex Tonight. During this episode Dr. Ruth shared that foreplay begins 24 hours BEFORE intercourse for women, the punch line is that is begin “three minutes before intercourse for men”. Sure, I’m guilty of telling this joke at my parties, but with my recent experiments I realized that it’s just not true. Partners who come second to technology, social networks, etc. just aren’t typically in the mood later.

Homework for this week: try turning off your screens for a selected period of time (perhaps it’s an hour, during dinner, or be brave – the whole night!) and see how this impacts your relationship or if you’re single, how it makes you feel.

Then post your findings. Everyone who shares will be entered in a drawing for a free sample from me!

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