Vacations and Getaways . . .

This past weekend, my family and I got away together to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We explored Downtown Atlanta, took the kids to the Hard Rock cafe, played in the Centennial Olympic Park fountains, and explored the world’s largest aquarium. While out and about, I couldn’t help but notice all the different kinds of people – families, couples, friends, and how they all interacted with one another. There were families and friends who were visibly stressed by the busy environments and at times, long lines. There were couples oblivious to the world, and there were some people who were so rushed, they seemed to be missing the beauty, awe, and opportunities around them. It made me wonder – in relationships, romantic couples, friendships, or even just with ourselves – how often do we forget to enjoy time?

At my parties, I give my hostesses 3 Day/2 Night hotel vouchers to 20 different locations with a sexy bustier bag filled with travel “games”, lubes, and lickables to spice up the getaway. But I’ve never sat down with my hostess and said to her, “Here’s a hotel voucher and fun goodies to take with you, and make sure to actually take time together – don’t feel rushed.” I don’t because I feel it’s implied that this getaway is for you (and if you choose a partner) to get away from it all and enjoy one another. After my trip, I put together a few tips I did and would have found helpful for our trip. With summer vacation just around the corner, I hope that it’ll help you too. 🙂

  • Sunblock – sounds simple right? Even if you’re just walking around and exploring, you want sunblock. Nothing will kill a vacation like a painful sunburn.
  • Hand Lotion: I love our Green Tea hand lotion – it smells very fresh, has a cooling sensation, and leaves your hands well moisturized. Why would you need this? I found my own hands very dry after all the hand sanitizer that we used throughout the day. Being prepared with lotion prevents any discomfort from dry and potentially swollen hands.
  • Be Comfortable: My husband always notes how uncomfortable women look for the sake of looking good. You want to feel pretty, but don’t sacrifice your comfort for it. Feel good and look good.
  • Don’t Overschedule: Yes, it’s great to see and explore new things. But don’t overschedule yourself – you want to enjoy your vacation, not feel rushed, stressed, or run down.
  • Don’t Be Afraid: To blow things off. Having fun where you’re at? This is vacation – don’t be afraid to blow other things off.
  • Be Prepared: To have unexpected fun! Bring a tote bag and make sure to pack extra a travel sized sunblock, hand lotion, and your swim suit! Or be daring – run through the fountains or the ocean with your clothes on! Walk back to the hotel soaking wet, enjoy the feeling of the sun!
  • Let Romance Happen: Pack what you feel you need for a romantic weekend and always be prepared to practice safe sex. But don’t force romance, live in the moment and it’ll come to you.

So go explore! Try something new – from a new restaurant, destination, or something else all together. And remember, while it’s nice to get away for a vacation, staycations are still good options as well. Invest in some toys, lickables, massage candles – whatever your preference and you can be adventurous and explore new ideas together in the comfort of your own home.

Share with me – what’s your favorite getaway? At home? The beach? A certain destination or attraction? Leave your comments on my official Facebook Fanpage to be entered to win your own Hotel Voucher and maybe even a travel goodie or two! 😉

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