What’s the deal about soap?

A common question at parties is, “Can I use soap and water to clean a toy?” There’s two answers – yes and no.

There are some products that you want to use mild soap and water – these are the cyberflesh toys like Gigi, Fifi, or even the Plush Bendy. After cleaning them, make sure to dry them completly, then powder them with either Passion Powder or corn starch.

All other products should really be cleaned with a Adult Toy Cleanser. Here’s an easy explanation without getting too technical. Have you ever seen one of those Dove commercials? Typically they show two pieces of glass and each piece is lathered up with Dove soap and the other with the “leading competitor”. The glass pieces are rinsed and then it is shown that while Dove soap rinsed totally away, the “leading competitor” left a residue behind. This is what can happen to your toys – soap doesn’t always rinse totally away or because of the size of the molecule, doesn’t always totally clean and disinfect. What does this mean? If the soap residue builds up or if the toy isn’t totally clean, this can lead to a yeast infection or UTI.

Typically, toy cleansers have a shelf life of 2 years. Had your cleaner longer? That’s okay – stop by my website and pick up the cleaner. If you mention this blog in the order notes, I’ll drop you a few gift with the order.

There are two types of cleaners to choose from – a ready to go cleaner like Clean and Simple Adult Toy Cleanser or a concretrated one like Passion Parties Toy Cleanser (both found on this page), which you dilute and make up to 60 quarts of cleaner with. Choose which one works best for you.

One response to “What’s the deal about soap?

  1. The toy cleaner is awesome! Just spray and wipe. It’s that simple.

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