Men and Toys ….

A common question at my parties is how to introduce men to toys. Now, if you’ve never been to a party – you’re missing my over the top routine of introductions and do’s and don’ts … including the ever famous George. ūüėČ

But I’ll try to run it down for everyone.

1. Don’t have George (Homer, Richard, or any other extra-large¬†magnum sized¬†dildo)¬†suctioned to the nightstand. Do start smaller – I always recommend a bullet of some kind. Typically, you won’t find anyone smaller than a bullet so there’s no “competition” going on or hurt feelings. Plus a bullet is very couple friendly and that’s very important when bringing something new into the mix.

2. Don’t say, “Oh my lands … this is just what I needed…” — this should go without saying. Do make it fun. Like with our Gizmo – perfect bullet and couple’s toy that can¬†bring you to climax without making him feel like less of a man. The Gizmo is a beautiful wedge-shaped¬†toy that fits into your panties (don’t sell this lil guy short – he can be used other ways too). The wireless remote can be up to 15 feet away, so as a couple you can make a game of turning it on, off, and different speeds.

3. Don’t¬†make your man feel bad about your toy. There are lots of ways toys can be used in a relationship. For example, they are great wingmen, if you’re man finishes too soon don’t fake your own orgasm and don’t make him feel bad. Here’s a tip, let him lay down, basking in his own feel good, and say, “I’m going to give you a show..” then watch him watch you finish off with your favorite toy. This will take the sting out of the feel bad from coming too soon and/or not making you climax and may even give him the energy for a round two.

4. DO invest in a Gigi, Mimi, or Fifi. Gigi and Mimi are fantastic masturbation and oral sex toys. Fifi is a hands free toy for your man that he’s going to love. By getting your man his own toy, he will see the good in them and be more comfortable with other types of toys.

Want more tips? Schedule your own Passion Party¬†with me and my team. The presentation is hilarious and wait till you see the tips we give you with Gigi ….

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