Money, money, money ….

A common question I hear is, “Do you make good money doing that?” So I thought I’d take some time on today’s blog to answer this question.

YES! I make great money doing what I do. But something I’ve discovered is a lot of people assume I’m paid in products or that I don’t make much at all. With Passion Parties, I earn up to 50% of my party sales. Let me break it down for you:

On average, I have 3 parties a week, with my parties averaging $750 a piece. This means, I earn approximately $375 a party. Parties take anywhere between 2-3 hours from the time I arrive to set up until the time I pull out of the drive way. The way this breaks down is 15 minutes for setup and another 15 for tear down, 45-60 minutes for my interactive presentation (no lectures here), and the remainder of the time goes to the Consultation Room where women come see me to book their own parties, place their orders, and ask questions. I’d say there’s about 6 hours during the week for party prep which will bring my weekly work total to 15 hours a week.

When I have 3 average parties, I earn around $1125 profit which breaks down to $75 an hour.

Of course, there are parties that are bigger and there are parties that are smaller. Either way, I earn more money than what I started with. 🙂

Passion Parties also includes cash bonus – my bonuses this year average around $300 a month. In February I earned a $600 cash bonus from Passion Parties which was pretty awesome!

I am also blessed with an amazing team of women – Team Bed Rock, who span across the United States and Canada. On average, I’ve earned $500 each month from working with these amazing women.

After the commission from my own sales, the generous cash bonuses from Passion Parties, and the commission from Team Bed Rock – my take home averages $2800 or more a month. This is for around 60 hours of “work” a month, which is less than 2 weeks at a full-time job.

This isn’t to say I don’t work hard – because I do. I talk with my hostesses, work with my team, and make an effort to meet new people every day. But this isn’t hard work, it’s fun work! It’s life changing and helps really develop people on a personal level, it’s fulfilling, and most of all – it’s flexible.

Have you ever considered becoming a Passion Party consultant? Through the end of May, you can get started for as little as $29! Feel free to ask me questions – there’s no obligation. And if you’re sitting on the fence, host a party! As a hostess you earn free products and if you decide to become a consultant – we’ll get you off to a great start.

I take great pride in getting the women (men are welcome too!) on my team off to a great start. When I became a consultant, I had a very caring sponsor but figured a lot of the party out on my own and my party average wasn’t $750 at the time – it was closer to $350, which meant I was taking home around $150, give or take. Still not bad for a a couple of hours of work. I’m so proud that the new women on my team average $350-$500 in party sales.

Have you ever hosted a Passion Party or considered becoming a consultant?


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