Tingling Tip to Tantalize your Thursday …

It’s Thursday which can mean a couple of things… your plans include dinner and The Office from your couch, after all there’s only a few episodes left this season! Maybe you’re more of a Vampire Diaries or Nikkita fan, and you’ll be rushing home from work to get everything done so you can relax with your favorite chilled drink and the season finale of one of these shows. If you’re like my man, and work four 10s, Thursday is your Friday – so perhaps you’re going out man hunting, drinking, or just hanging out with the girls. While you’re daydreaming about your Thursday plans, here’s some tingling tips to tantalize your Thursday evening ….

  • Even good girls get to have bad girl sex …. tonight try tying your man up with his ties, lingerie, or even our Adventure Kit and pour candle wax over him. Make sure it’s one of our Soy Seduction candles specially made for pouring onto the body. These special candles don’t burn as hot as wax candles and can be used as a massage oil. Kick the naughty meter up a launch with our lickable candles. Massage in and lick off … yummm….
  • Be especially naughty by pouring the candle onto the inside of his upper thigh. Don’t get too close but get close enough he can feel your breath on his equipment — you’ll leave him quivering for more.
  • Add our D’Lickous gel in Mint to your nipples, squeeze your breasts together, and trial them ever so lightly across his testicles. To really blow his mind, gently follow your path with your tongue … the mint will make your nipples and his testicles tingle and taste super great.
  • Rub a drop of our Tasty Tease (in mint) up and down his shaft (less is more). Or if your man is more sensitive, add a little to the tip of your tongue. Lightly flicker it across his shaft, teasing him. The mint will add a cooling tingle that will curl his toes, add a few sexy breaths and you’ll have him panting for more.
  • Have a minute man? Try the Pure Satisfaction. Pump a little into your index finger and gently rub on the bottom of his testicles – this adds a good numbing effect. For even better results, combine with any of our vibrating c-rings like the Jester. What this does: numbs him to make him last long, slow the flow of blood to keep and erection while also making him last longer, and adding good vibrations to his testicles, shaft, and for you clitoris. Best part? Pure Satisfaction is unisex – add it to your clitoris for a tingling, throbbing, pulsating effect.

Thursdays will never be boring again …..

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