Summer Loving ….

Summer days are here! It brings with it days at the beach, at the pool, fun summer BBQs, fireworks, and more. It’s important to keep things just as hot in your bedroom, as it is outside. So here’s a couple of quickie ideas to add a little extra heat between the sheets ..

  • Add a game to your foreplay. I carry various games for couples to play – from sex position games, Naughty IOUs, and sexy scratch off cards – these fun games add a playful and sexy tone to your relationship.
  • Have sex in the rain – Be daring! Sneak outside during a summer storm and something to lay on, and enjoy the great outdoors!
  • Don’t have sex on the beach – or if you do, be super careful. There are places you don’t want sand getting ….
  • Water sex? Make sure to pack a silcone lube, it won’t break down in the water and will prevent any friction or chaffing.
  • Wanna add some fun lickables? Make sure they’re vagina friendly – like our Cremesicle – in strawberry, orange, or vanilla. Cool off before you heat up – stick the Cremsicle in the fridge for atleast 20 minutes, then put a dollop onto your favorite places. Rub in with your hands or love smittens, and lick off …. Yum yum and the coolness will heighten your sensations …
  • Practice safe sex: Don’t hit a summer speed bump with an unexpected STD, infection, or anything else – make sure to be on top of your contraceptives such as condoms. Remember, you can pick up free condoms at your local Planned Parenthood and some local health clinics.

Our newest Summer Collection will be released on June 5th – so stay tuned for some fun summer sex tips. 🙂

One response to “Summer Loving ….

  1. Too bad it hardly rains here…. LOL

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