Chill Out …

This week has the potential to be super stressful for a lot of women … it’s the last week of school. This means class parties, end of the year gifts for teachers, and what was previously a peaceful and productive 7 hours to get things done with no or less kids while they were in school … are gone. Hello Summer! Don’t get stressed out! Take a deep breath and know that you can get through it. I recommend a long soak in the tub with some Green Tea Bath salts – make sure to pick up a bottle of Vasoline and rub it all over the door knobs. Locks can be picked, but they can’t open the door if they can’t get a grip. 😉

Make sure to take some time for you – maybe pop out the Amazing Heart Massager, your favorite drink (have you tried Chocovine?) and watch your favorite movie. I ❤ zombie movies, but a good romantic comedy works too.

Regardless of how you decide to chill out and relax, when emotions and stress levels run high – don’t take it out on your partner. Remember that fights you have now can affect your sex life for up to 24 hours. When you’re feeling ready to burst – take a deep breath and walk away. If something needs to be talked out, do so – but do it when emotions aren’t running high. Doing this little, but often challenging thing, will help your romance stay hot during the sensual summer months.

P.S. – Need to cool down? Try our Cooling Body Mist or put either of our glass toys in the fridge for a few moments and then play!



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