Everyone has a first party…

This month will be my 2 year anniversary into the business of Passion Parties. I can still remember my first party as both a hostess and a consultant. Both were very different experiences. Whenever a new consultant joins Team Bed Rock, their sponsor launches them into the business with a Debut or Starter Party (we sometimes nickname it a “Coming Out Party”). Not only is it helpful for a leader to do this for new consultants, it’s a healthy reminder for those of us who have been in the business for a while.

Last night I had the pleasure of having a new consultant tag along with me to a party. Although I can remember my nerves from my own first party as the consultant, it’s very distant from me. New consultants help me remember so many things – for example, the importance of your first hostess.

Are you considering having a party? Is your consultant a new consultant? Here’s a couple of things to be aware of with some new consultants:

1. They’re nervous! It’s their first party totally on their own and they want YOU to have fun. So be forgiving if they make any mistakes. I remember my first couple of hostesses – Lea and later Betsy. These women gave me my start in the business, and to this day – they are royalty to me. I give them deep discounts as my first hostesses and try to send them gifts on their party anniversaries.

2. They may forget the names of the products they’re showing – just go with it! I can remember at Betsy’s party when I forgot the name of a product and some shouted out, “That looks like a man sucker!” – it made me feel so much better that these women were just into having a good time. So, if your gal forgets the name of a product – no biggie, have fun with it. To this day, I still call Gigi my “man sucker” of the night. Who knows, maybe in a year from now – you’ll be someone’s hero?

For my newbies reading this out there – my 2nd hostess Betsy taught me a valuable lesson – sometimes they don’t call back for a good reason. Over the past 2 years I’ve seen lots of consultants become discouraged when a hostess or potential hostess did not call, text, or message them back. This happened with Betsy – she booked her party with me in July for the end of August. I went three weeks with no reply from her. I even called her a week before her party and left her  a voicemail simply saying that if I didn’t hear back from her by a certain date, I’d assume right now wasn’t a good time for a party and that she could reschedule for a later date. Keep in mind at this time – she was my only party so that was hard for me to do. Two days before the party date, and well after the deadline I mentioned, she called and apologized for not being in touch – her first grandchild had been born! She’d been with family in CA (I lived in Vegas at the time) and had been out of touch.

What did Betsy teach me? Patience. Sometimes they don’t call back because something is going on, so always assume that it is before you cancel the party in your mind.

All in all – newbies are just as much fun to party with as seasoned consultants. So if you’ve got a newbie doing your party – be excited! She may be nervous, she may forget the names of some products, but she’ll be looking to give you a good time and is very excited about the products she’s showing. If you’re a newbie reading this – the most important tip about your first party is: HAVE FUN! Don’t worry about forgetting the product names, or doing everything just right according to training – you’re going to slip up, accept it and have fun with your guests!

To learn more about becoming a part of Team Bed Rock (we’re nationwide, in Canada, and Puerto Rico!) CLICK HERE. To learn more about hosting your own FREE Passion Party, CLICK HERE.

2 responses to “Everyone has a first party…

  1. Hi, I am a consultant for a pleasure party co. And I was wondering if you may have some tips to help make this fun and successful. I would really appreciate any information you can give me this is the second time I have this I enjoy doing the parties but would like some help. Thanking you in advance

    • Hi Mrs. V! Welcome to an amazing industry. I would love to help you, but I really try to focus training, and business tips including help with party games, presentations, and more with my team. In fact, I’m currently working on a 3 day beach retreat for my team, with lots of pampering. 🙂 I’m sure your sponsor and corporate office have a lot of great information for you. Best of luck in the business! http://www.teambedrock.net

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