Two Years Later ….

It’s my anniversary! My 2 year Passion Parties anniversary! I actually took the picture to the left the very night I hosted my own Passion Party. Wow what changes! Let me take the time to share my own story with you. Two years ago, my husband and I were coming up on our 7 year wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something “different”. I took the old saying, “Seven year itch” and ran with it – hosting a Passion Party with Veronica Garcia. She had three months earlier, come into the bank I was working at and left me this sample of “Nipple Nibblers”. I had never once taken it out of the container, and never looked for her card – until the beginning or mid June. The night of the party came, and I had a blast and really fell in love with all the different products – from mild to the “wild”.

The starter kits – what a new consultant will purchase to become a consultant, were very reasonably priced, and included a lot of products. I decided I would buy the kit – with no intention of ever becoming a consultant. I would be a “kitnapper”. Since Passion Parties is located in Vegas, my kit would arrive the very next business day. My sponsor, the consultant who signed me into Passion Parties – talked me into having a “starter party” or a party that announced I was open for business. So I did. But my husband had a request – could I please not tell anyone that knew us, that he worked with, that I worked with, or that knew of him at church what I was doing? Yes – this included friends and family. I respected his wishes and knew I’d have to start talking to all the people who I didn’t know. Over the next two weeks, I went door to door in 110 degree weather inviting people to my party. Two people came, they bought – but they never booked a party.

Over the next two months, I had to continue meeting people and trying to book a party. It was hard work and it was uncomfortable – I didn’t like talking to complete strangers. In August, I had a party for Betsy – and it launched my business. I was too stubborn to quit. By six months, I had achieved two promotions, within a year I was an Executive Director. I am so grateful to my rough start because only nine months into the business, I moved across the country from Las Vegas, NV to Aiken, SC.

Now some of you might be thinking I worked too hard those first two months, made myself uncomfortable – all for a little extra income. True, in the beginning – it was only a “little extra income”. My FIRST check from Passion Parties was only $30 – my most recent checks have been for thousands of dollars – not including money earned at my parties. Here’s when and how Passion Parties and Direct Sales have made REAL differences in my life:

– This industry introduced me to my best friend, Dawn Strickland. I love you woman – words cannot describe how much I miss you and our “movie” nights – even though we talked through the whole thing!

– Money from PP sent my family to Disneyland for the first time. The moment my kids first walked into Disneyland was priceless.

– When we moved from Vegas, we left almost all of our furniture behind. Having never bought furniture before, I had NO clue how expensive it was. Money from PP refurnished our new home.

– When we moved, I didn’t know anyone in South Carolina or Georgia. A year later, every friend I have is because of Passion Parties. These friends have been so amazing and I’m grateful to have them in my life.

– Money from PP will be sending my family to Disneyworld this summer! I cannot wait to see the looks on the kids’ faces.

– Money from PP paid off our car a year early.

When I became a Passion Parties’ consultant, my family had never been on one real family vacation. Steve and I had been on plenty of getaways and trips before the kids, but afterwards we lost that. Since becoming a consultant, two years ago today – we have been on a total of five family vacations and have two more this summer. Two years later, I am ever grateful to my sponsor Veronica Garcia for insisting I hold an Open for Business Party and dragging me to the Las Vegas Meetings. Those meetings MADE me decide to really give this business a try. I am so grateful that I did.

One response to “Two Years Later ….

  1. Well said Amanda! You have come so far and I’m so proud of you. I use you as a example. Miss you Girl & continue success. I love that we have became great friends and support each other.

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