Anna’s Pheromones

Upon Anna’s return from spending the night with Christian Grey, Jose calls to talk about his actions Friday night. After a heated conversation that of course roomie Kate overhears, Anna divulges to Kate that in addition to capturing Christian’s interest, she also has Jose making moves on her. To which her roomie replies:

“Wow Anna! Your pheromones must be working over time!”

What are pheromones? They are natural hormones emitted through sweat glands – such as under your arms, that attract others to you. Southern Pleasure Parties sells these bottled, that mix with your own pheromones. This is one of my best selling products that be used so many different ways. Each of the guests at my parties has an opportunity to rub some Pure Instinct on, and then smell one another to experience how different it is on each person. Pure Instinct is light enough to be mixed with any other perfume, or worn alone for a unique perfume all your own. It can also be used as a painkiller, something I share with each of my customers, especially those into more homeopathic remedies.

Give Pure Instinct a try and take a little piece of 50 Shades of Grey with you wherever you go.


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