50 Shades – The Contract: Anal Play

In today’s reading of 50 Shades of Grey, Anna read the Dom/Sub contract that Christian had asked her to review, they discussed it in further detail, including anal intercourse, fisting, and toys. I have to say that I was so excited to read her reaction! Why? So many 50 fans claim that Anna really is “every woman” and they feel they can really connect with her.

Anna’s initial reaction to all things anal?

Doesn’t float my boat.

This has been a very typical reaction during my parties as well, which is a little disheartening since most women either have not had any anal experiences, they justassumeit’s gross, painful, and overall unpleasant for them,orthey’ve had a bad experience.

Christian then goes onto explain that he will take it slowly and introduce her to things like butt plugs, beads, anchors, and more before moving onto actual anal sex.

All you Master of the Universe/50 Shades readers know that Mr. Grey is all about the research and perhaps those anal scenes really got you a little interested. Then do the research. Pick up our Tickle my Tush book, the definitive book on all things tush related – from massage, to stimulation, to penetration. Dr. Sadie makes a great point, as does Mr. Grey, that this is something you need to prepare for and work up to.

Start small with our plugs for penetration or toys like OMG for stimulation, then move up to anchors or some awesome glass toys like Inked. (Any Clipped Wings and Inked Armor fans out there? 😉 ).

Finally, be safe. Here are a few guidelines, both mentioned in Dr. Sadie’s book, as well as a few steamy scenes from the Shades books.

– Never ever ever go bum to mouth or tush to vagina. If you use it in your backdoor, that’s the only place it should go.

– Use condoms when engaging in anal sex, want more info on why? Message me or leave a comment.

– Always always clean your toys. Pick up some ready to go spray cleaners like Clean and Simple, or a mix it yourself concentrate Toy Cleanser (makes 64 quarts).

– Use lube. Use it for vaginal penetration, feel free to use flavored lube during oral sex, and for sure always use lube for anal sex. Any of our lubes will get the job done, but for super results, check out our Silicone Lube.

Have more questions, want to see the products face to face, or need to go shopping where it’s not all back ordered? Check out my website: www.SouthernPleasureParties.com. And when you book your 50 Shades of Passion party* receive a FREE Christian Grey set.


*Specific dates apply, party must qualify for set to be free.

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